Mobilesource is committed to giving our customers the highest buyback value possible, making it  quick and easy for our customers to sell their old phones and tablets. As well as providing a wide variety of refurbished, unlocked phones and tablets for customers who would like to bypass traditional carrier programs, which locks them down for months on the latest. most expensive phones with monthly payments.

For buybacks, of utmost importance is our adherence to very strict erasure of your data, in order to permanently delete information from each device and prevent data theft. So get the maximum possible on your used devices, even if they are cracked or defective or have Apple ID’s or other locks.

Since 1997.


Edward Kissel

Ed handles purchasing for Mobilesource
Born in: Manhattan, NY
Grew up in: Wesley Hills, NY
Loves: Travel to strange and far away, unknown places
Languages: French, Spanish, German and English

Amalia Kissel

Amalia handles all aspects of finances, as well as sales, purchasing, and keeping the business running smoothly.
Born in: Bogota, Colombia
Loves: Travel, Cross-fit
Languages: Spanish, English

Paula Rocha
Operations/Buyback Manager

Paula manages most aspects of the entire Buyback process with customers.
Born in: Bogota, Colombia
Loves: Worldwide Travel
Languages: Spanish, English

Sandra Cortes
«Everything» Manager

Sandra is in charge of: sales, technical support, prepaid Cellular Department, buybacks, on-line sales, wholesale/export, and just about everything this company does!
Born in: Colombia
Grew up in: Bogota, DC
Languages: Spanish, English

Gerry Colon
Senior Repair Engineer

Gerry handles all aspects of repairs of phones and tablets and has established himself as a  leader in the industry
Born and raised: Brooklyn
Loves: Cars, chillin’
Languages: Spanish, English

Alex Maldonado
Front-Line Phone Checker

Every device that comes through the door, goes through Alejandro. Nothing gets past him without being thoroughly checked and evaluated.
Born in: Bogota, Colombia
Loves: Sports, Ride Motorcycles
Languages: Spanish, English

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